Landscape Turnkey

Landscape Turnkey

TG Groups offer end-to-end landscape solutions by delivering a project in which the design and construction service are contracted by our own team .We have an expert team of Landscape Designers, and Contractors to ensure smooth and effective client experience.

We keep the track on budget and schedule constraints for steadfast execution of the projects. With the passion about our work, we ensure to not let deadlines get better of us. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are getting the outdoor environment that is perfect for their home and their needs. Our contracting services include all aspects of residential and commercial landscaping.


Clients come over for a meeting in our office after which we visit their site. After the site visit, we give them a list of points to be considered when they get the survey of the site done. (This is to ensure that there isn't any error regarding the site details.) Once the survey details are obtained we call the clients for a detailed discussion regarding the requirements of the project. During this discussion we note down all details regarding the project. (This would be a session where we take the client through their requirements right from the entry gate to the backyard of their proposed project.)

As the next step we sit with these requirements and prepare a core concept which would give a direction to their project. Once a basic layout is ready we call the clients for the next meeting which would help us both finalize the design. If the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions it has been our experience that the clients approve what we show them at this stage. As soon as the meeting is over we strengthen our design based on the outcome of the discussion. The next step is to finalize the project based on the final presentation. After which, we carry on with the detailed drawings for approval / construction.