Design and Build service

(Residential / Commercial / Institution / Hospitality)

TG Groups is one of the leading Design and Build service providing companies in Chennai. We take care of the planning and construction processes for your projects. We plan to address all finer requirements of our clients in our design. Keeping details of design simple yet very functional. Suggest sensible finishes. Preparing comprehensive design booklet before commencement of work at site, which includes all details and service drawings. Discussing on budget allocation, suggesting spaces where you can save and where you can spend. Our profile includes successful designing and execution of number of Residential Projects, Commercial Projects in and around Chennai. Our in-house team of Architects and Contractor will execute the project with clear communication, responsibility and accountability.

  • Digital photos will be updated on mobile or mail on a weekly basis to enable our client to understand the progress of work.
  • Detailed bills will be generated & "Estimate v/s Actual" statement will be provided to you to plan your future fund flow & check the deviance from actual.
  • Such checks & balances will be updated through mail.

Design Process

We acquire a wish list from clients, their dreams, ideas and expectations and prepare a design brief. We then study the site to understand the potential of the site in terms of views, floor space index, permissible floors, accessibility etc., .We move on to review it from climate and vastu perspective. We propose a conceptual layout accommodating best fit plan for the site with a conceptual building elevation. After discussions with the client, plan & elevations are finalized.

We prepare detail drawings along with engineering drawings like structural, electrical and plumbing. We then submit a comprehensive design booklet otherwise called 'Good for Construction' (GFC) design booklet before commencing work at site which includes architectural, structural and service designs and drawings; thereby we ensure that the site does not have to wait for the drawings. We inspect the site during construction stages as mentioned in our contract


The Quality of Turnkey Execution relies on the quality of materials and the workmanship.


Our QA team is well trained to select good quality materials for construction within the budget. We purchase materials from popular and quality brands that are in-line with the construction field for a long time. We carefully monitor the quality of material before and after use


Our team is composed of Hi-tech Engineers, Technicians and Labors well trained in the latest technologies in the construction field. At every stage of the project we perform the quality check to minimize the risk of material and time wastage and complete the projects successfully on time. We have an ethical working environment for our office Staffs, Engineers, Supervisors and Labors to work freely without any hassles.


Our price is very competitive and attracts more customers to us every time. Our customers come from a variety of economic status. Therefore we keep our price in-line with their expectations with no compromise in quality. That's the reason why the customers spell out our name every time they get an enquiry from others.

Interior Turnkey Service

(Residential / Commercial / Institution / Hospitality)


TG Groups offers Interior Turnkey service for discerning, quality-conscious clients. We not only plan, design and develop useful attractive interiors for residence but also for commercial spaces like offices and showrooms. The service offered by our company are widely demanded and admired among the clients for the unmatched quality standards and some unique features like promptness, reliability, and cost- effectiveness.

Design process

First, the site is visited, suggestions and requirements given by client are noted down, and tentative costing is given to the client. We then, start working over different drawings, layouts, 3D site picture before hand and walk through if required by considering maximum utilization of space, aesthetics and last but not the least functionality this will include the complete concept of that space pertaining to electrical work, air conditioning, false ceiling, flooring, furniture work, partitions, paint & texture and furnishing & decoration work We proceed towards designing and development of individual rooms and spaces.

Landscape Turnkey Service

(Residential / Commercial / Institution / Hospitality)


TG Groups offer end-to-end landscape solutions by delivering a project in which the design and construction service are contracted by our own team .We have an expert team of Landscape Designers, and Contractors to ensure smooth and effective client experience.

We keep the track on budget and schedule constraints for steadfast execution of the projects. With the passion about our work, we ensure to not let deadlines get better of us. We work closely with our clients to make sure they are getting the outdoor environment that is perfect for their home and their needs. Our contracting services include all aspects of residential and commercial landscaping.

Design & Execution

Clients come over for a meeting in our office after which we visit their site. After the site visit, we give them a list of points to be considered when they get the survey of the site done. (This is to ensure that there isn't any error regarding the site details.) Once the survey details are obtained we call the clients for a detailed discussion regarding the requirements of the project. During this discussion we note down all details regarding the project. (This would be a session where we take the client through their requirements right from the entry gate to the backyard of their proposed project.)

As the next step we sit with these requirements and prepare a core concept which would give a direction to their project. Once a basic layout is ready we call the clients for the next meeting which would help us both finalize the design. If the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions it has been our experience that the clients approve what we show them at this stage. As soon as the meeting is over we strengthen our design based on the outcome of the discussion. The next step is to finalize the project based on the final presentation. After which, we carry on with the detailed drawings for approval/construction.

Construction Materials

TG Groups is one of leading traders engaged in offering a wide range of building materials in different forms and specifications. We have blue metals of different variety whichis procured from mines and then quarried by cutting, digging, or blasting by our team who has years of experience in quarrying. We have created a niche in the trading industry in terms of offering quality blue metal.

Backed by our state-of-the-art warehouse facility, we are able to meet the growing demands of our clients. Our warehouse follows scientific methods which facilitates easy storage and retrieval of blue metal, rock crusher dust, concretes construction materials, blue crusher dust, and concrete building materials. Bulk storage of blue metal along with timely delivery allows us to draw complete client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is of major importance to us and all our endeavors are constantly directed towards attaining the same.

Product Profile

  • Blue Metal.
  • Blue Metal Chips 6mm.
  • Blue Metal 12 mm.
  • Blue Metal 20 mm.
  • Blue Metal 40 mm.
  • Blue Metal 60 mm.
  • Building Material
  • Blue Metal for Concrete.
  • Crusher Dust.
  • Blue Metal Dust.
  • Blue Metal for Road Construction.
  • Sand
  • Red soil